Ways to Bring More Artistry to Your Writing

Although writing is an art, it still requires more artistry on your part to bring it to life. Artistry is not exclusive to creative work as well. It applies to all forms of writing, from poems to news articles. The goal of bringing more artistry is to tell a compelling story by describing events, places, people, and sceneries that cannot be seen, felt or heard.

Writing gives life to ideas, which are intangible. Artistry gives it color, flavor, zest, and emotion. If you want to bring more artistry into your writing, this is how you should do it:

Read fiction.

Fiction is the greatest form of art when it comes to writing. You are weaving a story from bits and pieces of history and real life. Your characters and the events they experience aren’t real, but they are so vividly told that they almost come to life from the pages themselves. In order to bring more artistry to any type of writing, it is best to learn from the most creative form of writing.

Study poems.

While poems are also creative, they are also stimulating, mind-boggling, and puzzling. They are not just for entertainment. They also exercise for the brain. Reading poems gives your analytical juices a boost and gives you room for imagination and creativity. Relate it to your life. Relate it to others. Or study it as the author sees it. Either way, reading a poem, even a haiku, is a journey in itself.

Read the news.

Nothing brings artistry to life than real events. The emotions are real. The facts are real. Your job as a writer is to use this information to write something that is both riveting and eye-catching. You can use what you learn to write fiction, nonfiction, a poem, a blog article, or your own news article as well. Either way, make sure you do it as creatively as possible without misleading people into thinking you are writing about something else. Writing about real events is an exercise in itself as well. It is a hard thing to do to stay within the lines, but when you do, you learn discipline while letting your creative juices flow.

Listen to music.

Take inspiration from sounds instead of words. It is a different medium but it incited emotions and feelings that will reflect in your writing. Many writers use music as inspiration. Sometimes, they even use lyrics to tell a story or a single chapter. Why do you think so many TV shows use song titles as episode names?

Let go.

When writing, it is easy to stay within the confines of our outlines. However, it is more important to think outside the box and cut and perfect the craft later on instead. Release all your artistic talents onto the page and revise, revise, revise.

Keep writing.

Artistry may be inherited, inherent, or borne out of luck. The only constant is that it can be learned. The way to do that is by practicing writing every day. Write your heart out as much as you can. The best writers never stop writing, even when they have nothing to write anymore.