Books, books, books, books, and again, books! If there’s anything in this life that I love, that’s the smell of a book that was just taken off the shelf. Furthermore, why should you not love books? They take you to entirely different worlds and allow you to live entirely different lives. You may be a boring college student in real life, but when you are reading, you are a hobbit that was given the ring of power, or an oriental prince that is living a luxurious life in the desert.

Reading is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane since it gives me a break from reality. In a way, it allows me to travel. It puts my mind in motion – and you’ll learn that I love it when my brain is being tickled. I also love writing about the books that I read – since I pretty much consider them diary entries. They help me understand the plotline better, and they help me get through college much easier.

Years or writing allowed me to get a good idea of how to be a writer – and now I want to share my knowledge as well. I created this blog because I want to share my ideas, samples, and tips on how to get through college like a boss.

Indeed, there’s no easy way to go through college; however, there is a right way. And by going the right way, you can manage to have good grades without losing your sanity. I’m managing to do that pretty well, and now I want to share the love.