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Telephone conversations between employers and their employees is a common way of sharing vital information between the two parties. In most cases, the employers may prefer that specific conversations involving their staff be recorded for quality and follow-up purposes. However, before recording such communications, it is proper that the employer informs the employee that the discussion will be recorded before actually recording it. Furthermore, this will not only enhance the employee’s confidence, but it will also relieve the employer of the accusations of having the conversation recorded without the due consent of the employee. A year ago I asked my friend (who is the best writer ever) to write my college essay for me and it was my first deal ever. Great feeling when you realize that you have made something successfully.

The federal law provides that an employer has no permission of recording telephone conversations they have with their workers unless under two main exceptions. The key exception is if the employee is in full knowledge of the recording prior to the conversation and thereby consents to it (Bain and Taylor 41). In this case, it is reasonable for the employers to notify those participating in telephone conversations that the call is or will be recorded for certain reasons. Another exception comes in if the phone call to undergo recording is duly intercepted by communication-related instrument which is fully equipped by the communication service provider within the regular course of business.

Finally, in consideration of increasing levels of technology and quicker spread of knowledge in this century, employers should never take it for granted that their respective employees are much more aware of their rights than before. Further, giving such critical information to the workers prior to the telephone conversation recording not only ensures that employees retain their respect, but also makes them more vigilant in the type of information they give during the conversation (Bain and Taylor 63). All in all, in order to build and maintain a good working relationship, recording a telephone conversation must only be done with the knowledge of the employee.