Can Writing Be Your Future?


When people talk about their future, each of them has entirely different ideas for what their dream job might be. Some students want to travel the world as tour guides, some want to be alpinism instructors, and some want to perform open heart surgery on a daily basis.

Me? Give me a pen and some paper, and I will never want anything more in my life. During my childhood and teenage years, I was that one guy that would not spend recess running around or doing “what kids do.” Instead, I would sit in the classroom, reading a couple of pages from a book or scribbling some ideas in a notebook. I lost count how many of those notebooks I filled – and I’m pretty sure the writing was horrible. Nobody starts out perfect.

But one thing that’s for sure is that what I did was done out of passion. Even when I was in college, I was always that person that people would go to. I was happy that I could do what I liked, and if I could turn my passion into a writing service, why would I not take advantage of that? This would literally be my dream job.

Inspiration Is Everywhere

The great part about being a writer is that you can find your inspiration anywhere. Mostly, I do it by walking around, observing the world around me – but I also learned to appreciate the internet. Even apps such as Google Maps helped with my writings. And the more I was convinced that I want to make a career out of it, the more I kept writing and improving myself. Now, I may still be a student – but I’m already convinced that this is what I want to call “my future.” This is why I went for a higher education in literature.

My purpose for sharing my samples, ideas and tips is very simple: to spread the love (and obviously, the knowledge). Indeed, one part of me wants to release the “demons” on paper (or in this case, a blog) – but unless you get proper feedback, you won’t get enough professional satisfaction. Therefore, the more readers I have, the happier I am – since I know I’m helping them.

Need help with your homework? Throw me a bone here. I will be more than happy to come to the aid of anyone asking for my help. Writing is my future – and if I can, I want to make it your future as well.